bye, dear BLOGSPOT ;)

hey, i think im going to leave blogspot. hehe. its because of, my daddy gave me a lil gift. here it is:

i dont know why, my daddy just gave me this.
so, please check my web if you want to know more. maybe, yes, i have to leave blogspot. ;)
okey, why mahesa-lumbantoruan? yes, my full name is anggita mahesa mustika lumbantoruan, and i dont know why, lots of people just said "mahesa? bagus sekali namanya," and just like that im falling in love with MAHESA. then, why i put lumbantoruan? because im so proud to be BATAK. to be lumbantoruan.
its quite hard to remember my domain name, but i love this. so, make it bookmarks, favorite, or linked it to your blog. :)

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